Winter is coming

 Autunmn is upon us and provides great carpets of red and gold leaves for dog walking.

We love happy dogs and have found the dogs with the biggest spring in their winter step,to also be the muddiest. Dogs suffer from cracked pads in Winter and costs can easily tangle from twigs and burrs. Fur on the underside of the pads can thicken. Dogs can get a nasty build up on their coats.

We bathe all year round and so should our canine friends. A warming  bath and blast with one of our body scrubs should keep your dogs skin clean and flake free, dandruff can be an issue especially when we reach for the central heating dial. Facial treatments help reduce staining and leave a clean finish. We use organic bath products to leave coats super shiny. Sore paws can be avoided by regular pawdicures using an oily product to keep pads protected and moisturised.


It is so important to brush at home and a member of Hair of The Dog Grooming and Training at Cherry Lane Garden Centre will be happy to advise you on home maintenance. Bookings being taken now for the run up to Christmas and New Year. Free car park and plenty of doggy products for sale. We look forward to seeing your wagging tails.

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