New Year Resolutions:leading the way forward.

You and your dog have made it into the New Year, he has probably had to accommodate guests and disruption to his routine. On the run up to Christmas, long walks or playing in the park might have taken a back seat.

  1. FUN: Re-establish fun with your dog. This might be by setting aside time each day to play with your dog and give your significant canine some undivided attention. This will strengthen the bond as you break out into fun, rather than asking your dog for obedience all the time. Its telling your dog, I’m great to be around and can be used to teach your dogs some boundaries, in a fun context.
  2. De-Stress and Get Organised Book in your vet visits and grooming appointments in advance, how many times do we forget to pick up the wormer or leave their coats a little longer than is comfortable. All dogs need a good de-shed in Winter.Having a clearer schedule makes life easier for you and your dog. When you are dashing around last minute your dog feels the stress.
  3. Education: Call your vets and ask if they have any extra classes or workshops? Lots of vets these days are running everything for socialisation puppy parties, to raw feeding master- classes. If you have concerns about your dog, get to the vet for his health, the groomer for his coat and nails and a trainer for his behaviour.
  4.  Mental Agility: Blast his mind with new games, it’s the fastest way to tire him out. Mental stimulation will have your dog snoring before you can say bull mastiff. Teach him a new trick, play hide and seek, train him to bring you different toys. ( For more ideas contact our dog  trainer Emma. )
  5. Sport If your dog is in good health, it might be an idea to take a new sport with him or her. Try Cani- Cross, extreme frisbee, fly ball, to name but a few.
  6. Compete inTracking– join a local tracking or field event group to really work your dog’s mind. It requires obedience skills and dog and significant other get a huge sense of achievement.
  7. Diva’s Unleashed: Fun Dog Shows– Your dog doesn’t have to be a brain box like the dog in the Littlest Hobo- there are loads of fun dog shows in Essex and surrounding areas, where your dog can win a rosette just for being beautiful. Dog Diva’s welcome ( We suggest a spruce up at the dog groomer’s first- to make sure your dog is smelling his or her best. )  Fun Dog shows are great for socialisation and a good platform for those hoping to take their dog to the next level.

Wishing you a truly pawesome New Year from Hair of the Dog, Dog Grooming and Training, Cherry Lane Garden Centre Braintree Essex. Call 07539605752 or wizz us a message on Facebook @hairofthedogcoggeshall. 

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