Why your hyper hypoallergenic dog needs grooming!

“My dogs doesn’t shed, he’s a doodle/cockapoo. ”

At Hair of the Dog Cherry Lane Garden Centre, Braintree, we love anything crossed with a poodle. Poodle’s are super- smart dogs and need their brains stimulated to get the best from them. If you have a poodle cross ( anything dooddley or with poo as a suffix) then you have a clever pooch with a “non shedding coat.” The coat doesn’t shed so you don’t have the twice yearly issue of your dog changing his coat, but you do have a potentially tangled coat.

I have long wavy hair and if I move around a lot or try and brush it after being in the sea it is painful trying to get a brush through it. Maximise that by a thousand and you have an idea of what a matted knotted or tangled coat feels like on a dog.

Comb Over:

For proper coat manitenance you will need a rake type brush and a comb. Brushing over the top is not detangling. It is smoothing down the superficial fur and does not tackle what lies beneath. Do not use a Furmintor or Zoom Groom ( These are for shedding coats).

Matting and Felting

Lift your dogs coat, you should be able to comb down to the skin with ease. If you cannot ,this means the fur is felted to the skin and the felting can cause behavioural issues, pain and discomfort. Felting does not feel like an obvious clump of fur like a matt. Ir feels like Fuzzy Felt where the coat has formed a layer over the skin stopping it from fucntioning. As your dog’s biggest organ the skin needs to to be free.

Matts are lumps of fur that feel like large knots. The welfare and comfort of our dog is paramount to us. We want you to achieve the fluffy teddy- bear look, but it requires regular brushing at home. Ask your groomer and explain your dog’s daily routine. They will help you select the right tools for the job and understand when would be the best time to brush the dog and which products might help prevent you both getting tangled up.

My dog hates the brush.

There are several reasons why your dog might dislike the brush. Perhaps they have not become accustomed to it. Perhaps it is painful, if their coat is tangled. They may have developed a fear of brushing. If this is behavioural, assosicate trainer Emma can help your dog learn to be brushed, using positive reinforcement.

Where’s and the how’s of it.

Flashpoints for tangling are around the hygene areas of dogs, arm pits, around the neck where the collar goes or anywhere where your dog might wear outdoor clothing.

Feel for Felt

Have a good feel of your dog’s fur beneath the surface and if you are unsure we will be happy to take a look.  We suggest that you bring your dog in regularly even when not being groomed. We want grooming to be a positive experience, so if your are passing, pop your dog in for a pat& chat. We will give your dog a treat just for passing by, or lavish him or her with attention without touching their coat or nails. Dog  then thinks SALON=GOOD PLACE TO GO.

Little and Often

We will love your dog like you do. We want the best for your dog and we want him to be health and happy. If grooming has to be divided into smaller more managable sessions with lots of praise owner-approved treats and snuggles then we will work with you to get your dogs coat looking fluffy and gorgeous.

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