Lean green canine fashion machine

So we all agree that we consume a shed load of plastic in our daily lives, we love our dogs and love being outdoors. We want to treat our environment with respect some of us are using biodegradable waste bags.  Increasingly people are turning away from mass produced dog fashion and the plastic fantastic coats made in China, are not sitting so comfortably on the smart dog owner’s conscience.  Lets face it, along with reindeer alice bands, natty Christmas tank tops and squeaky plastic novelty Santas, we have just about enough of landfill fodder gifts for our pets.

Winter leaves our dogs susceptible to the cold if they have sparse coats, are recuperating or just need an extra layer. The perils of internet shopping for our dogs mainly lies in sizing- just like for humans.  If the Spaniel coat you bought looks fit for a Chihuahua on a hunger strike then you are not alone. Most companies will give an indication of breed size and from there you are kind of winging it. Going to a smaller or bespoke company gives you the option to send in your dogs measurements, which takes the disappointment out of the gamble of online choices. Then of course there is the issue of ethically sourced fashion.

We love http://www.red&ginger.co.uk  for sustainability, low waste and their crazy ability to upcyle clothes into the cutest outfits for your dog to hit the park. Before Lisa had her paws on the beating heart of  unique dog clothes, she worked in fashion and lived her former life as a stylist. It  is no surprise that the energy and creativity honed in the human world has been repackaged, upcycled and lovingly crafted into one off pieces that fuse vintage and contemporary style. You can help mirror your dog’s personality by commissioning a one off piece or choose from her versatile range.  I’d rather buy a figment of someone’s blood sweat and creative tears, than buy from a sweat shop and fast forward to landfill.The best of their sale items include a fully reversible dog jacket for £12


Now back to those plastic santa dog toys. Not only has there been a huge controversy  around dog safety with plastic and rubber toys, we might be more than a little weary of the interminable squeaker symphony. For this reason  whilst shopping around I came across http://https://www.greenandwilds.co.uk/eco-dog-toys/ they sell durable jute toys.


These are refreshingly simple. Long lasting and so far have  passed the teeth test of Moses, my teething German Shepherd- part dog, part baby landshark. Four layers of jute are sewn together and their products are sustainable and 100 percent biodegradable. When the toy comes to the end of its life, the dog can simply bury it in the garden. They are the brown rice of the eco-dog toy world there is something exciting about their scaled-down functionality. No matter how “safe” it is deemed, I’d rather my dog wasn’t wolfing down layers of paint on novelty items . I feel rather sorry for the mangled face of Postman Pat on the squeaker I bought in a fit of misplaced nostalgia. I also live in dread that he brings it to the door on the day my post is delivered!


Even better than not buying new plastic is of course using old plastic. Hair of the Dog  love the lupine collars made from recycled plastic bottles that have a thick long lasting durable weave. http://https://barksandbunnies.co.uk/products/lupine-eco-collar?variant=12196760387651

In the next post  we will look at reducing the miles of delivery by going local. Essex and Suffolk are teaming with canine craft artisans. From dog fashion to soothing organic dog products we  take an impartial   peep  at the top ten in the region, guaranteed to get your dogs tail wagging.















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