We’ve got claws nailed.

Hair of the Dog Salon in Braintree pride themselves in turning out dogs with well clipped nails. Nails should not touch the floor or make noise when your best friend is walking inside or outside.

Dog Groomer versus the Vets

Why should I have my dogs nails done at the groomers? Well firstly, Hair of the Dog groomers have more time than the vets. A bad experience with nail clipping can result in a dog that is frightened of the vet or the salon. Both smell pretty similar if they have been cleaned properly. Having a frightened dog at either can result in accidental injury and distress.

The facts, nailed.
A lot of vets will cut the nails short in one go, this causes pain by cutting through the quick of the nail. It does produce fast results but is painful for your canine companion. If you have ever ripped your nails half way down then you’ll know how it feels. The quick of the nail recedes each time is is cut. So regualr nail clipping is essential to avoid cutting through the quick. Little and often is best. Your dog groomer would be nicking a little off the ends. With dark nails it is more difficult to see the quick. Your groomer can however get the ends of the nails cut. At Hair of the Dog, we encourage shy dogs to come in just for a pat and a treat between treatments so they have positive associations with the salon.

All dog groomers would love it if your dog stood patiently waiting for his hair cut or nails and there are positive reinforcement ways of training your dog to do this.

Reassure and Support
We know however that sometimes a dog is a jack in the box on the table. So we work slowly to reassure your dog that there is no threat. At Hair of the Dog, Cherry Lane Garden Centre in Braintree we have time to lavish on your dog. We will get there in the dogs time. We are not into jerking dogs around or pulling their joints. Dogs must feel supported physically and emotionally.

Homework for ticklish dogs

At home when your dog is snoozing in front of you, gently take his paw in your hand and get him or her used to being handled, treat him after he allows you to touch his paw and make sure you touch the inside of his pads and nails.
This will help him be more relaxed when handled by your vet or dog groomer. Call 07539605752 to book your dog in for regular nail, clipping. We keep nail clipping deliberately affordable, so that your dog can benefit from regular trims.