Veganuary for discerning dogs @hairofthedogcoggeshall

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We are checking out cute canine  coats, Winter knits and vegan cosmetic dog products.  Vegan coats available online or for keen knitters we are going to take a peek at Winter woolies that will be sure to get you reaching for the needles. ( You don’t need a dog to knit, you could start knitting for shelter dogs. ) For those of us who are more Crufts than Crafts we will explore the latest in high end sustainable dog accessories. 


We believe fully in a species appropriate diet for dogs, my dogs eat a complete  raw meat diet and thrive on it, from Bella& Duke

However if you are weighed down by last year’s consumption and excesses we are going to look at the best sustainable canine clothes, how to be waste savvy when shopping for your pooch. Zap your dogs mind  with  brain stimulating games that can be set- up or upcycled at home.

We know our dogs are washed with organic dog products at the salon, but can we find luxe vegan dog shampoos and conditioners that work well between trips to the groomer?  ( We all have days when we have dunk and dry our dogs at home, even if it does block drain!)


We will look at which clothing item look best on different dogs in our section- Does my mutt look big in this?

Buying sustainable, ethically-sourced accessories that contain no animal products and produce minimum waste. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Veganuary: Hair of the Dog, Style.

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Pads stripped bare: Clean from the feet up.

The pads are taking a Winter wolloping, as we start the New Year. Central Heating and then out onto cold sand, mud, tarmac or (sharp intake of breath) snow. Imagine if we had to negotiate all that in soggy socks?

The fluctuating temperature’s cause cracked pads, making pooches paws uncomfortable, not to mention increasing the risk of infections. At Hair of the Dog, we massage a mask onto cracked pads, replacing the moisture and in turn this protects worn out feet from further damage. We trim the bulk of hair from between the feet, helping to reduce slip-risks.

Dogs paws can pick up burrs, debris, dirt, ice and more recently there have been outbreaks of Alabama Rot. The chemicals in de-icing grit used on the roads can cause a lot of discomfort. Obviously, if you suspect serious damage get your canine pal straight into the vets. Regular pawdicures with a professional groomer should help reduce these issues.

Desensitising your dog to having his feet touched is really important. Settle your dog and start to positiviely reward him or her for allowing you to touch their pads and build up slowly to being able to touch inbetween the pads. This maybe crucial if your dog picks up a stone in his pad when out on a walk.

At Hair of the Dog we don’t just groom but we train too. If you have any training or grooming issues and you are within driving distance of Cherry Lane Garden Centre Braintree then please pop in with your pooch to book a training assesment, or grooming slot. Canine Welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We want dog grooming or  dog training to be a positive experience for your four legged family member. The fastest response is through our FACEBOOK page @hairofthedogcoggeshall but you can also call 07539605752.